Tea estates located in the south

Tshut-Tsu Tea Factory

Tshut-Tsui Tea Factory A Town’s Treasure In 1983, Old Tshut-Tsui planted his first tea. Later that year, the entire town helped with his harvest to yield 2,400g of tea leaves. When he saw the fulfilling smiles of villagers, eager to have a taste of this novel crop, Tshut-Tsui decided to never part away from tea. …

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FKUO Tea House

FKUO Tea House Indigenous Inspired Indigenous Craftsmanship Mr. Wu and his wife, the natives at Alishan, run this Zou indigenous teahouse. The garden is irrigated with mountain spring, cultivated with heart. From leave-plucking, fermentation to roasting, each process gives the tea a new life.The famed Zou artist, Aruwai Matilin incorporated Zou legend of Blue Magpie …

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Drizzle Tea

Drizzle Tea Consistently Looks for Better Ways to Grow and Make Tea Mr. Lin inherited the tea farm that his father built with tremendous personal effort. The attitude of gratitude led to the existence of Drizzle Tea. The high mountain oolong tea, and black tea are promoted to communicate the ideal that “a good tea …

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Wang Ding Tea Garden

Wang Ding Tea Garden The Most Humble and Quite Tea Master Located in Alishan area altitude of 1000m-1250m, the 2nd generation Mr. Wang dedicates himself to making best tea, works relentlessly improve tea making techniques and learns new concepts. In addition, he has a diversity of tea byproducts, such as tea flavored plum, Tea roasted …

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Alishanwin Romantic Tea Made with Romantic Rose A tourist Tea Shop features Alishan Mountain Tea blended home grown edible roses. Cheng Sheng and Ya Ting, the couple that runs Allishanwin, believe in honesty, persistence, and innovation. Armed with the rich knowledge in managing and everything with hands-on attitude, they diligently execute every stages in tea …

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Lung Yan Lin Tea Factory

Lung Yan Lin Tea Factory Happy People Makes Happy Tea Long Yan Lin, the birth place of hight mountain oolong tea. Mr. Lin 2nd generation owner introduced natural farming featuring organic fertilizer to help restore the natural balance of the tea fields. He also developed mountain black tea and gaba oolong tea. The resulting natural …

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Yu Yu Pas Tea Farm

Yu Yu Pas Tea Farm Faith + Determination + Goodwill Yuyubas is Zou phonetics that signifies year-round abundance. The Yuyupas MaFei Tea Farm is located in the LeYe Tribe, Ali Mountain at an altitude of 1,300 meters. Mr.Zheng along with a group of Zou youth, envisions the farm as a platform for collaboration of the …

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