All tea estates located in the North

Suiyuan Tea Space

Suiyuan Tea Space The Legacy of a Couple Established in 1990, Chi Cha Lin tea house designed its symbol—a husband and a wife bowing toward each other—to reflect how the couple worked their way up as a street vendor. Step by step, with tremendous care and love for tea, they adopted professional management to provide …

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Yi Ming Tea Garden

Yi Ming Tea Garden The beauty of sustainability Yi Ming tea plantation insists on serving residue-free teas and uses only the finest tea leaves panned with intricate handmade techniques, making every tea brew unique on its own. Endowed with aroma, heat, and touches by hand, each tea leave is viewed as a sign of vitality …

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By-Teamaster Garden Workshop

By-Teamaster Garden Workshop The Legacy of surfers Two surf-loving brothers returned home to take on their family business in tea. In 2014, they created the brand “Bai Qing Chang” in the name of their father. “Bai” refers to their family name, “Qing” takes cues from the tea variety Chin-Shin Oolong, and “Chang” means “long” in …

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Yi Shou Tea Factory

Yi Shou Tea Factory Promote Wellness and Health Through Tea Yishou Tea Factory cherishes these tenets: safety, wholesome, chemical-free, worry-free. Owner Lin Yu Yang is very particular about health. He promotes heavily everything about drinking wholesome tea for physical wellness, incorporating the way of Tea and making of good tea with the rm belief that …

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Zhu Feng Tea Estate

Zhu Feng Tea Estate A Secret Tea Garden Hidden in Busy City of TaoYuan Zhu Feng Tea Estate nestle in between the mountain and the sea, at the brim of city of TaoYuan and misty air in the hills nurture the land. With sustainable farming, and modern technology, the estate made wholesome natural tea products. …

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