Tea estates located in the east

HuaJianChaYuXiaoNong YiStation

Hua Jian Cha Yu Xiao Nong Yi Station Just Want to Make The Best Tea Cha Farm Station, different from other tea farms who have a traditional ancient simplicity, Mr. Lee has introduced various modernized facilities to host a tea-themed tour experience combining art, cultural innovation, and technology. Returned to pick up the original duty …

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Xing Yuan Tea Farm

Xing Yuan Tea Farm Thinking Outside The Box Located in Dong Shen, Yilan. Mr. Liu grew up in the tea farm, picked up the torch of family business after the accidental passing of his father.Mr.Liu works hard to pick up everything about the trade, tea growing, tea making, process and skills.He also utilize his language …

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Ji Lin Tea Garden

Ji Lin Tea Garden New Meets Old Sparks Creativity Warm and misty Wu He is fertile ground for high grade tea shrub. JiLin Tea Garden, with the 4th generation owner Mr. Peng carrying the torch for the century old legacy, brings the best of hardworking Hakka tea grower and the mastery of plants of the …

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Dong Sheng Tea Estate

Dong Sheng Tea Estate Tea That Makes Your Mouth Get Lost World Black Tea champion Ms. Nian shows off to the world her aromatic Honey Black Tea, the fruit of years of hard work and experience. The tea gardeng’s natural environment allow a friendly bug call to live and feed off the tea bush and …

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Jia Ming Tea Garden

Jia Ming Tea Garden The Birthplace of Honey Black Tea Jia ming Tea Garden is a house of tea innovation. Founder Mr.Gao and his wife have been churning out new breeds of tea non-stop for 30 plus years. The Gao’s came up with the unique Honey Black Tea by accident. A recent focus has been …

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Lin Wang Tea Factory

Lin Wang Tea Factory Endless Energy and Passion for Tea Lin Wang Tea Factory located in Lu Ye Village, Taitung, grows Oolong tea in a balanced ecological environment. In addition, we grow a line of specialty fruit tea that leverages local pomelo and lemon. By stuffing the fruity flavor tea inside excavated pomelo and lemon, …

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Bee Lou Tea

Be Lou Tea The Legacy of a Strong Women In 25 years, BeelouTea manages the growing, making and quality control of its tea products. e in-house artisans are the back-bone of our operation, helping us bring our tea nation-wide making us a major player in LuYe, Taitung. In recent years, we concentrate on the making …

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