FKUO Wu Tea Series – Bundle Tea Gift Box (Honey Black Tea + Fruit Oolong)

NT$1,500.00 NT$1,200.00

Alishan Tea, grown at an altitude of 1300~1500m, in the clean mountain air, and watered with water from mountain streams. The leaves are picked in twos for a perfect presetation, brewed by expert hands to draw out the freshest taste in the leaves.

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Indigenous Inspired Indigenous Craftsmanship

Mr. Wu and his wife, the natives at Alishan, run this Zou indigenous teahouse. The garden is irrigated with mountain spring, cultivated with heart. From leave-plucking, fermentation to roasting, each process gives the tea a new life.The famed Zou artist, Aruwai Matilin incorporated Zou legend of Blue Magpie Fire seeding incorporated in the package design, and won the honorable award of Taiwan Tea Package Design.


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