1914 Yu Ling Mountain Oolong Tea 150g

NT$1,500.00 NT$1,200.00

Yu Ling Mountain Oolong Tea
There are “Snow Village” said Yu Ling of Taiwan tea alpine areas, mainly planted area for the 2400 to 2600 meters above sea level, spring and summer alpine grasslands green grass, very charming grassland scenery of Taiwan rare. Winter snow was almost in years. Yu Ling mountain oolong tea on in this pleasant scenery and unique geographical and climatic conditions in Taiwan nurtured by a high-quality tea. Its leaves thick and resistant to brew, microstrip flowers, mesophyll contains a variety of trace elements, making it a unique Yu Ling mountain oolong tea Ganrun charm.


Collaboration of 8 Tea Plantation Area

Nantou has over 8000 hectares of tea plantations and the output value accounts for more than 57% of the total tea production in Taiwan. The more integrated association actively cooperates with tourism in agri-tourism area. Also established “Good Tea House”, which gathered tea from eight tea regions in Nantou County, creating a new image and a one stop shop for a complete tea experience.


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