Organic Red Oolong

NT$600.00 NT$400.00

Engaged in tea cultivation has four decades of experience, the transition to organic tea also has more than ten years, due to the geographical environment of the relationship between encountered many bottlenecks and setbacks, in a very helpless at that time, elegant appearance red Oolong, bring a lifeline to Taitung tea. 



The Just Do It Spirt in Action

Framed against the layering green mountain ridges, the 12 acres Jia Fang tea garden is a perfect experiential tea garden as envisioned by owner Ms. Chen Li Xue. Leveraging the Tea Experiential Lab at Tai Tung, Red Oolong is born from the Chin-Shin-Dapang, a total transformation of traditional organic tea.Owner Ms. Chen is also very actively branch out to promote her tea to different market.


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