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Birth of UTEE

UTEE is born to promote Taiwan through Tea

Taiwan’s premium tea success has been built through marketing and innovation, but the story starts and ends with each unique tea estate whom have many generations of experiences and craftsmanships.

UTEE harnesses a wealth of experience from our long standing tea growers and shares this knowledge and expertise with the younger industry members. Together, are driven by a passion to innovate and deliver the best quality tea to the world.

Key Ingredients

Our Core Values

Over 300 years of making tea in Taiwan has resulted in tested and proven tea garden management practices that consistently deliver the best tea possible. The UTEE system is based on key learnings from these years of experience. Our evaluation process demonstrates our commitment to continuous quality improvement.

Tea trees thrive in fertile, moist soils using environmental friendly growing methods. Taiwan’s favorable temperate climate and full range of mountains produces ideal growing conditions, in an environment that tea growers respect and protect.

Behind every success story is a group of people who have a genuine belief, commitment and passion for what they do. Our tea growers are innovative, dedicated and relentless in their pursuit of quality, so that the world can enjoy the benefits of premium tea.