Zhu Feng Tea Estate

A Secret Tea Garden Hidden in Busy City of TaoYuan

Zhu Feng Tea Estate nestle in between the mountain and the sea, at the brim of city of TaoYuan and misty air in the hills nurture the land. With sustainable farming, and modern technology, the estate made wholesome natural tea products. The third generation brothers dedicate to rooting local tea trade along with tourism, build wonderful tea garden ecology and promote tea making experiential camp.

A Word From the Owner

“Our tea garden is the land what was own by my ancestors and I’m the 4th generation. We have always been a hands on family, we do everything by ourselves. To many I’m coming back to the tea industry, but for me it’s just coming home. Our tea garden have many varieties of cultivars, visitor can learn from the characteristic of each cultivar by tasting, smelling. It’s the best way to promote Taiwan tea.”

Contact Info

Address: No. 1, Mao Wei Qi, Neighborhood 12, Keng Zi Village, Lu Zhu District, Tao Yuan City

Tel: +886-3-324-1888

Website: www.zhufengtea.com