Sun Moon Lake Black Tea Factory

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During the Japanese colonial period in the 14th year of the Republic of China, the Japanese imported the large-leaf black tea “Assam Black Tea” from Assam Province, India, and visited all over Taiwan to find that the geographical environment, soil, and climate were comparable to Assam Province and the local tea-making facilities quality conditions. Finally selected by Sun Moon Lake, Yuchi Township. “Sun Moon Lake Black Tea” is a high-quality “boutique tea drink”. By deepening the sustainable value of the brand image, it has won the sympathy and favor of consumers and successfully built a black tea brand. We believe that we can make Sun Moon Lake Black Tea go international.

A Word From the Owner

For Taiwanese, drinking tea is a very natural scene of life. Sun Moon Lake black tea is hand-picked with one heart and two large leaves to make strip tea, so as to distinguish it from the spherical tea of high mountain tea. The Yuchi Township Farmers Association is determined to make “Sun Moon Lake Black Tea” synonymous with high-grade black tea; it also wants to pass on the life style and spiritual value of black tea through the black tea sightseeing factory.

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Address: No. 441, Yuchi St., Yuchi Township, Nantou County

Tel: +886-49-28985453