Yu Yu Pas Tea Farm

Faith + Determination + Goodwill

Yuyubas is Zou phonetics that signifies year-round abundance. The Yuyupas MaFei Tea Farm is located in the LeYe Tribe, Ali Mountain at an altitude of 1,300 meters. Mr.Zheng along with a group of Zou youth, envisions the farm as a platform for collaboration of the Zou people, aiming at promoting the Zou culture and legacy, its artisan works and specialty products that help build a sustainable Zou home.

A Word From the Owner

“This was a project that started by a young visionary man, it took 9 years to get his project done. We have bring in the local people to work together to promote our indigenous heritage to the world, we want to bring you a full experience and show you our history, our stories along with delicious tea and coffee in our agricultural park.”

Contact Info

Address: No. 127-2, Neighborhood 4, Le Yeh Village, Alishan Township, Jiayi County

Tel: +886-5-256-2788

Website: www.yuyupas.com