Xu Mei Tea Factory

Power of Sisterhood

Located on the mountaintop of Jushan Xu Mei Tea Factory located here is not only a top tea producer locally, it is also a farm pioneering in the growing of Jin Xuan. Established by the first-generation tea master Mr. Chen , now passed down to his three daughters, each bring their talents to innovate the tea products, create fun activities like tea tasting sessions, tea panning, and tea yoga.

A Word From the Owner

“Our tea factory and tea room is right next to our tea garden, so when you drink tea, you can see the tea garden where the tea comes from. We also focus on DIY activities, as well as tea yoga. We don’t have fancy tea factory or fancy equipments, but we focus on how your heart feel when you here with us. We also want to promote youth tea education and experience to past on the tea culture legacy.”

Contact Info

Address: No. 100, Pingding Road , Zhushan Township, Nantou County

Tel: +886-49-271-1234

Website: www.facebook.com/xumeitea