Xing Yuan Tea Farm

Thinking Outside The Box

Located in Dong Shen, Yilan. Mr. Liu grew up in the tea farm, picked up the torch of family business after the accidental passing of his father.Mr.Liu works hard to pick up everything about the trade, tea growing, tea making, process and skills.He also utilize his language ability to receive foreign visitor, and local resources, he builds a new sensational experience featuring Yilan ambience.

A Word From the Owner

“I like to create new tea related products that connects other industry with tea, like tea cookies, tea liquors, tea pillow, tea tree pen and etc. Target market between the age of 30-50. We are located in a recreational farm area, and it’s important to collaborate with other business in the area to promote local economy.”

Contact Info

Address: No. 115, Zhongcheng Road, Dongshan Township, Yilan County

Tel: +886-3-958-8947