Wang Ding Tea Garden

The Most Humble and Quite Tea Master

Located in Alishan area altitude of 1000m-1250m, the 2nd generation Mr. Wang dedicates himself to making best tea, works relentlessly improve tea making techniques and learns new concepts. In addition, he has a diversity of tea byproducts, such as tea flavored plum, Tea roasted pumpkin seeds and wholesome tea candy are also parts of his current efforts.

A Word From the Owner

“I’m the 2nd generation, our name is from my father, he think if we are going to make tea, then we have to make the best tea possible. The most important part of tea making is stir to create the perfect aroma. He started working for other tea estates, and later he acquired his own tea garden, now have passed on to me along with his stubbornness for quality.”

Contact Info

Address: No. 97, Rui Li Village, Meishan Township, Jiayi

Tel: +886-5-250-1006