When Tradition Meets Innovation

Sun Moon Lake Tea company is endowed with a distinct pedigree. Founder Mr. Wang plan out ideas to combine the “Theme of Tea” with the tourism industry. Utilize his field of academic expertise, and the famous designer Chou Yi, the “Tea Tourism Factory” in modern Japanese style was born. The entire process of tea making can be observed in this ISO certified facility become the main attraction.

A Word From the Owner

“The future of tea industry is to standardize tea production. We released 3 flavors of Sun Mood Lake Black Tea bottle drink for everyone to enjoy with convenience. However, we made sure the tea quality is high grade so the flavor is authentic. We also offer a full ranges of activities, campsite, boat ride, tea making experiences. Of course, last but not least, tea infused yummies like tea eggs, and tea ice creams. You can your family can spend a fun whole day, and accommodation is coming soon in the near future.”

Contact Info

Address: No.443-36, Yuchi St., Yuchi Township, Nantou County

Tel: +886-49-289-5899