Sin-Ming Siang-Cha enjoy tea

Everyone needs a cup of tea to drink with themselves

We are hiding in a modern, premium 5-star health and safety tea factory in a century-old house on Daan Mountain in Zhushan. We have lived in this century-old house for generations. We are very fortunate that we can follow the history of tea together. Go forward; we always believe that only by cultivating the land well can we make good tea, and only by ensuring enough hygiene and safety can we have a stronger force to compete with the world. We are willing to share this with everyone with our sincerity in treating our land A cup of simple persistence, salty and sweeter with sweat, not giving up every tea in life and finding the happy tea table of every family will be the direction of our continuous efforts.
One leaf, one fragrance, one brick, one love for the whole world~ With love, humility and tolerance, we have refined a pot of tea with peace of mind that is true and sincere. Live life without happiness, cows are dragging, people are grinding, and a cup of good tea is used to treat the soreness of reality. “Tea” is a plant that has gone through thousands of years. Its charming charm has become more charming as time goes by.

A Word From the Owner

We are very pleased with the seriousness and perseverance of step by step, the persistence and dedication of 24 years, we will be seen, we know very well, our sincerity and consistency, we will be proud of being on the land of Taiwan, humility and gratitude are our love for this land, and sincerity and peace of mind are our unchanging commitment to tea lovers.

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Address: No. 1, Zhuliao Ln., Zhushan Township, Nantou County

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