100 Years of Legacy 4 Generations of Wisdom

OMEE CHA makes premium tea for over a century have witnessed the progress of Taiwan tea industry, and work through it with various innovations. We are dedicated in all tea making aspects, with special focus on roasting, making the perfect taste. Like Michelin starred restaurants, allow raw material to its fullest is our mission. We thrive to let the world experience our tea heritage and craftsmanship.

A Word From the Owner

Our family has been in the tea making and tea commerce business for over 100 years and I’m really proud of this legacy and it is my duty to carry on this tea making as the 4th generation, promote the most special tea in the world: Oriental Beauty Tea!

I think Oriental Beauty Tea is the most special because it requires both nature and craftsmanship. From picking to making all require 100% handmade process. The magic of the nature is the little green leaf hopper, a bug that makes a world of difference in the tea leaves and create the unique aroma in this tea. One sip you will never forget and you will love it forever.

Contact Info

Address: No. 19, Neighborhood 11, Shi Jin Village
EMei Township, Hsin chu, Taiwan

Tel: +886-3-580-0765