Natural Tea Manor

Xizhi, the century-old hometown of Paochong tea

In the past, at the end of the 19th century, “Taiwan” was a major tea exporter in the world. “Natural One Heart” high-quality tea, is produced in the Xizhi area of New Taipei City, and is also one of the birthplaces of Taiwan’s Wenshen Paochong tea.
Although the traditional Chinese tea culture is old, but the brand spirit of “Natural One Heart” is new! Natural Tea Manor believes that “old but new” will be the real reason why the tea industry can last for a long time!

A Word From the Owner

Since the Qing Dynasty, it has been passed down through four generations. Under the promotion of the fourth generation owner, the traditional spirit and innovative tea-making process are preserved. Treat the relationship between tea trees and tea drinkers with empathy, and hope that “tea farmers, tea gardens”, “tea people, and drinkers” can all be at ease and enjoy the fun of tea together.

Contact Info

Address: No. 30, Ln. 380, Xiding Rd., Xizhi Dist., New Taipei City

Tel: +886-2-2660-3762