Lung Yan Lin Tea Factory

Happy People Makes Happy Tea

Long Yan Lin, the birth place of hight mountain oolong tea. Mr. Lin 2nd generation owner introduced natural farming featuring organic fertilizer to help restore the natural balance of the tea fields. He also developed mountain black tea and gaba oolong tea. The resulting natural beauty of the Tea field and hiking tracks in the bamboo forest accommodated by traditional Chinese farm house.

A Word From the Owner

“We first started growing in 1976, because of the high elevation, the tea grow much slower, it wasn’t until 1979 we had our first harvest. It’s in our heritage to keep trying doesn’t matter how many people we fail, and finally, we have created the perfect taste of high mountain oolong tea. Now we make Gaba tea as well to add more choice to our tea products.

Contact Info

Address: No. 3, Long Yan Village, Meishan Township, Jiayi

Tel: +886-5-257-1001