Lin Wang Tea Factory

Endless Energy and Passion for Tea

Lin Wang Tea Factory located in Lu Ye Village, Taitung, grows Oolong tea in a balanced ecological environment. In addition, we grow a line of specialty fruit tea that leverages local pomelo and lemon. By stuffing the fruity flavor tea inside excavated pomelo and lemon, going through natural drying process under the sun, we bring to you the unique fragrant and fruity 38 Fruit Tea.

A Word from the owner

“We don’t think that life is for the sake of making money. It ’s more important to push out good things! In the early days, local tea farmers said,” The temperature is too high, the tea cannot be grown. But later we found out that this is not the case, and we are starting to grow more and more. We need to process more tea plants and build factories that can be in line with international standards, so it is built with the goal of modernization. The tea factory has a five-star certification and an international ISO certification.”

Contact Info

Address:No. 55, Naner Road, Luye Township, Taitung County

Tel: +886-89-550-699