Jing Gu Tea House

Taste of Mountain Taste of Legacy

From the first generation, Jin Gu has been insisting everything from the basic to produce pure good tea. To Jin Gu, a pot of good tea is the result of meticulous steps and hearty efforts. It is healthy taste of mountain freshness and robustness. It is the sincerity, simple sharing love of the tea. Jin Gu Tea lives up to the standards to give all visitors and friends warm welcome with the best taste of tea.

A Word From the Owner

“In the old days, after the people have exercised for a lap in our mountains, our tea garden is a meeting point, so after the exercise, we will go to that meeting point, and there will be a chalet on the meeting point, everyone will drink tea and chat, and then go back to their farm to get busy, this is where our name “Jingu” comes from. Jingu in Taiwanese means everyone who makes a pot of tea, also “It’s good” meaning of.

We are not like an ordinary company, we are open, everyone sees us directly, sitting here, life is like this, pressure-less, you don’t have to feel like you need to buy anytime, just enjoy a cup of tea with us . I want people to feel like home! “

Contact Info

Address: No. 17-1, Xiang Cha Lane, Xin Cheng Village, Yu Chi Township, Nantou County

Tel: +886-49-289-7678

 Website: www.jinggutea.com