Jia Ming Tea Garden

The Birthplace of Honey Black Tea

Jia ming Tea Garden is a house of tea innovation. Founder Mr.Gao and his wife have been churning out new breeds of tea non-stop for 30 plus years. The Gao’s came up with the unique Honey Black Tea by accident. A recent focus has been a non-traditional full fermented black tea with big leaf oolong. The resulting brew is a perfect mix of fruit and honey fragrance, an instant hit in the market.

A Word from the owner

“Have you had cold brew tea? Our tea has a special aroma when using cold brew and it’s all because of our top employee “the green grass hopper”. 20 years ago, we produce mostly BaoZhong Tea, but because of our geographical disadvantage, we have developed many different type of tea like Honey Green/Black Tea, Citrus Green/Black Tea and Gaba Tea. We want our customers to have more choices.

Contact Info

Address:No. 65, WuHe Village, Rui Shui Township, Hua Lian

Tel: +886-3-887-1325

Website: www.jiaming-teagarden.com.tw