Ji Lin Tea Garden

New Meets Old Sparks Creativity

Warm and misty Wu He is fertile ground for high grade tea shrub. JiLin Tea Garden, with the 4th generation owner Mr. Peng carrying the torch for the century old legacy, brings the best of hardworking Hakka tea grower and the mastery of plants of the A-Mei Tribe to grow, pluck, make and sell quality tea, serving public with the best tea from Mother Nature. It is not surprising that JiLin continues to receive many awards in recent years.

A Word From the Owner

“A century ago, this area is full of coffee, it’s under 1970s we started to grow tea. We make many varieties of tea like green, oolong, black and recently, we experienced to make white tea to keep up with local tourism needs. We also offer creative tea drinks like “Boba Watermelon Milk Tea. This is a place I grow up and I hope to help with local development and create sustainability, let more people know about our area.”

Contact Info

Address: No. 169, JiaNaNa 2 Road, Wu He Village, Rui Sui Township, Hua Lian

Tel: +886-3-887-1463

Website: www.jilin.com.tw