Tshut-Tsui Tea Factory

A Town's Treasure

In 1983, Old Tshut-Tsui planted his first tea. Later that year, the entire town helped with his harvest to yield 2,400g of tea leaves. When he saw the fulfilling smiles of villagers, eager to have a taste of this novel crop, Tshut-Tsui decided to never part away from tea.

Nature's Beauty

In Tshut-Tsui’s tea field, you may find jumping rabbits, sneaking squirrels, hyperactive monkeys, and even legendary Formosan serows, but in this mountain of clouds and fog, there are a lot more time-lapsing stories to be told and admired.

Contact Info

Address: No 10. Chushuikeng,  Zhuqi Township, Chiayi County, Taiwan

Tel: +886-971-000-478

Website: www.facebook.com/TshutTsui