Hugosum Black Tea Garden

Japanese Influenced Taiwanese Inspired

Picking up what the Japanese started, since 1949 the 2nd generation tea artisans at HUGOSUM kept the Japanese tea tradesmen’s dedication and skills, with the enthusiasm for the tea. Slowly build up the prosperity of the Sun Moon Lake Black Tea and let the world witness how great the Sun Moon Lake Black Tea is. Tradition meets creativity resulted in a full range of delicious black tea options.

A Word From the Owner

“It wasn’t until 1925 when Japanese brought Assam cultivar into Taiwan, and my dad was a tea master for the Japanese tea factory, so we have very deep heritage bond with Japanese culture. Our name means treasure everything you have, and also means good fortune. So when you come to us, we want to you to be in the moment and embrace each moment, and be mindful.”

Contact Info

Address: No.5, Xiang Cha Lane, Xin Cheng Village, Yu Chi Township, Nantou

Tel: +886-49-289-7238