Drizzle Tea

Consistently Looks for Better Ways to Grow and Make Tea

Mr. Lin inherited the tea farm that his father built with tremendous personal effort. The attitude of gratitude led to the existence of Drizzle Tea. The high mountain oolong tea, and black tea are promoted to communicate the ideal that “a good tea is worth coming a long way for.” Through sharing his believe, hoping young people may once again learn about and become close to the true face of high mountain tea.

A Word From the Owner

“Since we have been grow and make tea for 30 years, we have recently replanted our tea garden. When we first started to plant tea 30 years ago, it took us over a month to get the land ready, when others use 3 days with machine. But now we understand why and the hard work pays off. We are able to preserve the land’s best condition and best environment for tea.”

Contact Info

Address: No. 19-66 Shizhuo, Zhuqi Township, Chiayi County

Tel: +886-5-256-1728

Website: www.drizzletea.com