Dong Sheng Tea Estate

Tea That Makes Your Mouth Get Lost

World Black Tea champion Ms. Nian shows off to the world her aromatic Honey Black Tea, the fruit of years of hard work and experience. The tea gardeng’s natural environment allow a friendly bug call to live and feed off the tea bush and tea plant’s defense mechanism along with over 36 hours of careful hand roasting resulting in thefamed aromatic Honey Black Tea.

A Word From the Owner

“Before making a batch of tea, I always do my homework about the season, condition of tea garden, see what type of the tea it will bring out the best of the leaves. I love to try new things, although our main product is Honey Black Tea, I create new flavors like tea blend with coffee, tea blend with ginger.”

Contact Info

Address:256-1, Sec.2, Zhong Zheng South Road, Wu He Village, Rui Sui Township, Hua Lian

Tel: +886-3-887-1878