Dong Feng Black Tea Manor

Open Up All Your Senses to Experience Tea

Come to Dong Feng Black Tea Manor for a one-day black tea making DIY camp. You’ll work through stages of black tea making, and you’ll learn how to pick and enjoy a good cup of black tea. Not just black tea, other Taiwanese teas are here for your taste buds too. Enjoy the full six sensational experiences : sight, smell, taste, touch, sound and perception, with our premium tea selection.

A Word From the Owner

“We are the 3rd generation tea family. Our 1st generation was in Dong Ding making oolong tea. After the 911 earthquake, we moved to YuChi Township and started making black tea. We host tea making experience, through the movement of your hand, the smell of the tea changes constantly, you can feel the tea’s moist come out and aroma is amazing.”

Contact Info

地址:No. 5-30, Youshui Ln., Yuchi Township, Nantou County

電話:+ 886-49-289-9985