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Tea And Life - In Quietness And Trust Is Your Strength

Walking through the north and south of China, my vision was suddenly opened, and all things take on a new aspect from the magnificence. I was trying to adjust my pace, followed up with fast and tired steps, and pursued the economic interests of the world until one day, the call of Taiwan’s native land and humanity, is still the most comfortable place for me. It makes me suddenly sober, no longer attached to the dazzling stage of confusion, and realizes that the tea and life in quietness and trust is your strength.

A Word From the Owner

That year, I returned to the mountains and forests I was familiar with, and learned to be a tea farmer step by step. Gradually, I fell in love with this kind of tea from the bottom of my heart. I am with the mountains and forests, the birds are circling, the insects are singing, and making at sunrise, the breeze is accompanied by sweat, watching the land I have reclaimed, the tea trees I planted are constantly growing, and I am more attentive to learn the role of a tea farmer.

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