Hua Jian Cha Yu Xiao Nong Yi Station

Just Want to Make The Best Tea

Cha Farm Station, different from other tea farms who have a traditional ancient simplicity, Mr. Lee has introduced various modernized facilities to host a tea-themed tour experience combining art, cultural innovation, and technology. Returned to pick up the original duty of growing tea, has displayed youthful creativity, bringing something new to the tea industry.

A Word From the Owner

“Carry on the family business, created our own name to target young people, and my father is still focus on production side of the business. Young people like more flavored tea, instead of using scented ingredients, we blend actual flower with tea, let tea absorb the floral natural aroma, and it won’t have bitterness when brewed.”

Contact Info

Address: No. 26, Lane 8, Zhongshan Road, , Dongshan Township, Yilan County

Tel: +886-3-958-4576