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The Legacy of surfers

Two surf-loving brothers returned home to take on their family business in tea. In 2014, they created the brand “Bai Qing Chang” in the name of their father. “Bai” refers to their family name, “Qing” takes cues from the tea variety Chin-Shin Oolong, and “Chang” means “long” in Chinese to resemble the shape of traditionally panned Baozhong Tea. 

A Family owned business

The family business grows, picks, and pans each leaf with extreme care, alongside the artisan spirit, to achieve the perfect infusion of aroma and flavor. Regardless of the day or time, the tea’s pleasant aroma and sensation on the taste bud is all the same.

Contact Info

Address:  No.18, Sec. 2, Pingshuang Rd., Pinglin Dist. New Taipei City, Taiwan

Tel: +886-2-2665 7279