1914 San Xin Tea Villa

Collaboration of 8 Tea Plantation Area

Nantou has over 8000 hectares of tea plantations and the output value accounts for more than 57% of the total tea production in Taiwan. The more integrated association actively cooperates with tourism in agri-tourism area. Also established “Good Tea House”, which gathered tea from eight tea regions in Nantou County, creating a new image and a one stop shop for a complete tea experience.

A Word From the Owner

“The tea planting area in Nantou County accounts for 55% of the total tea planting area in Taiwan, and tea production accounts for 53%. Therefore, every 2 cans of tea bought in Taiwan are produced in Nantou. Nantou County contains 8 major tea townships. The highest elevation area is DaYuLing, as well as high mountain teas such as YuShan and HeHuanShan, black tea in YuChi Township, and Dongding Oolong. So, you can find almost all kinds of tea here.

The most important thing is the needs of farmers, because many farmers know how to grow but not how to market, so the Nantou County Farmers ’Association created one stop shop to help with promoting and marketing.”

Contact Info

Address: No. 1, Nangang Third Rd, Nantou City, Nantou County, Taiwan

Tel: +886-49-225-1170

Website: www.nthfa.org.tw