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We are UTEE, linking tea shops in various producing areas in Taiwan, promoting local tea culture, selecting the most exquisite tea products in Taiwan, and presenting experiences with five senses, connecting the world with Taiwanese tea.
Since 2014, the Agricultural and Food Administration has formed a tea house counseling team based on the European winery business model, allowing the tea farmers receiving counseling to combine cultural creation, tourism, experience and in-house production from the primary and secondary industries of traditional production and manufacturing. Local culture, the development of the six-level tea industry, and hope to create bright indicators like the Michelin Guide, and finally bred the UTEE tea house co-brand.、最終的にUTEE ティーハウスの共同ブランドを育てました。
At the same time, UTEE is also a bridge connecting the world to Taiwan. Through careful planning of diversified and exquisite tea travel routes, tourists from all over the world can more conveniently visit our 8 counties and cities, 36 highlight tea houses, and experience local culture. Get to know Taiwan.

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